2017 Calendar

By Dave Heafield

List of 2017 Chapter Rides

Sun 5th Feb 2017 (Adrian Vaughan) - Royal Mint Experience, Llantrisant

Sun 12th Feb 2017 (Alan Holland)

Sun 12th March 2017 (Alan Holland)

Thurs 30th March 2017 (John Watson)

Sun 9th April 2017 (Steve Link)

Sun 23rd April 2017 ( Craig Davies)

Sun 14th May 2017 (Dave Heafield)

Thurs 25th May 2017 (John Watson)

Sun 11th June 2017 (Craig Davies)

Sun 2nd July 2017 (Dave Heafield)

Sun 6th Aug 2017 (Steve Link)

Thurs 17th Aug 2017 (John Watson)

Sun 3rd Sept 2017 (Neil Lewis)

Sun 24th Sept 2017 (Adrian Vaughan)

Sun 8th Oct 2017 (Adrian Vaughan)

Sun 29th Oct 2017 (Alan Holland)

Sun 12th Nov 2017 (Kevin Fowler)

Thurs 23rd Nov 2017 (John Watson)

Sun 17th Dec 2017 (Xmas ride)


2017 UK, Ireland, European & Rest of World

HOG Rally Dates, to temp you!

Eurofestival – Grimaud, Golf De St Tropez

11th – 14th May

Africa Bike Week – Margate, South Africa

27th – 30th April

Cider Rally, Weston-super-Mare – Bridgwater Chapter

28th April – 1st May

Duc’s De Normandie Visit to Wales – Pembrokeshire

7th – 12th May

Iron Horse Rally, Skirlington - St Leger Chapter

12th – 15th May

Benelux Rally - Rockanje, Netherlands

2nd – 4th June

Ireland Bikefest, Killarney – Celtic Thunder Chapter

2nd – 5th June

Open Road Fest – Lake Balaton, Hungary

7th – 11th June

The Gathering, Hunters Quay, Dunoon – Clyde Valley Chapter

9th – 12th June

Magic Bike – Rudesheim, Germany

15th – 18th June

Duc’s De Normandie 10th Birthday Celebrations – Rouen

22nd – 26th June

Hamburg Harley Days – Hamburg, Germany

23rd – 26th June

Hogs in the Hayfields, Bristol – Great Western Chapter


Wake the Lakes, Kendal – Red Rose Chapter

6th - 9th July

Hog the Humber – Aire Valley Chapter

7th – 9th July

Morzine Harley Days – Morzine, France

12th 19th July

Horseshoe Rally – Rutland Chapter

14th – 16th July

Dragon Fever, Pontrhydyfen – Black Mountains Chapter

22nd - 24th July

East of England Rally, Fakenham - Fenlanders Chapter

27th – 30th July

Finnish Harley Weekend – Seinajoki, Finland

27th – 30th July

Heart and Soul Rally, South Shields – Geordie Chapter

28th – 30th July

St. Petersburg Harley Days – St. Petersburg, Russia

3rd – 6th August

Hog n Bog, Co. Down, Northern Ireland – Belfast Chapter

4th – 6th August

Polish Bike Week – Karpacz, Poland

4th – 6th August

South of England Rally (SOFER), Hickstead


Thunder in the Glens, Aviemore – Dunedin Chapter

25th - 28th August

Prague Harley Days – Prague, Czech Republic

1st – 3rd September

Black Mountains USA Tour – San Diego, California

2nd – 17th September

European Bike Week – Faaker See, Austria

5th – 10th September

Circus Maximus, Llangollen – Diva Legion

7th - 10th September

HOG Rally Belarus – Minsk, Belarus

15th – 16th September

Blazing Galaxies, Weymouth – New Forest Chapter

29th Sept – 2nd October

4th HOG Bahrain Rally - Bahrain

9th – 11th November


  1. Grandma Triker says:

    Hi there, We are interested in the overnight to LLangollen in August. How do we find out more and put our names down? Cheers.

    • Adrian Vaughan says:

      Hi, Darran and Sarah will be organising this event. I will let them know you are interested and they will put your names on the list. Further details will be posted when known. Cheers, Adrian.

  2. douglas houston says:

    Hi Adrian we are interested in thunder in the glens is there any available places and how do we find out a bit more about it cheers,dOUG

    • Adrian Vaughan says:

      Hi Doug,

      Yes, tickets for Thunder in the Glens don’t go on sale until 3rd January 2015. They will be advertised on the Dunedin Chapter website (www.dunedinhog.com). We will also send a reminder to members to enable them to purchase their tickets direct from the Dunedin Chapter. Once you have the tickets, you can then book accommodation in the Macdonalds Resort using the ticket reference number. Camping is usually included in the ticket price. Caravans, Motorhomes and campers are about an additional £30.00.

      We will be arranging a ride up and back, with an overnight stay about half way. Details of this will be announced in the new year, but the journey up is likely to start on Thursday 27th August and leave Aviemore on 31st August to return home, again with an overnight stay about half way.

      Hope this helps.


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